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Do I have to call when I need heating oil?

No, we monitor your fuel consumption through what is called a Degree Day system. The system works by inputting the high and low temperatures every day into a customized computer program that tracks your home's individual usage. The program then assigns your home what's called a "K" factor. Every time we deliver to your home, the computer modifies your "K" factor to more accurately reflect your consumption. Learn more about our automatic delivery service.

Where does our oil come from?

The United States produces 34% of the oil we consume every day. The next two leading suppliers of oil to the U.S. are Canada and Mexico.

Why are some companies less expensive than Melia Fuel?

The answer is simple: SERVICE. The discount oil companies that simply advertise a cheap price can do so because they don't offer anything other than oil deliveries. Call their office after hours on a cold winter day with an emergency and you'll get an answering machine. Call our office after hours and a courteous person will field your call and will dispatch a technician if necessary. We are available to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

What is the best way for me to pay for my oil?

At Melia Fuel we have developed what we call our EasyPay Plan which many of our customers use because it is simple and convenient. We divide your total bill for the year into 10 easy monthly payments. The EasyPay Plan runs from September to June. Many of our customers leave a credit card on file with us and we charge their account automatically each month, making it even easier to pay for your oil.

Are there currently any rebates or tax credits if I were to update my system?

Yes – although the rebates are constantly changing. One of the best resources is Mass Save® who can be reached toll-free at (866) 527-7283 or on the web at As far as tax credits go, your best bet it to contact your tax preparer.