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Heating Equipment Installations

In an effort to help our customers save money and conserve energy, we at Melia Fuel install only the most efficient and reliable ENERGY STAR® rated boilers and furnaces. Our technicians perform furnace and boiler installations carefully and professionally to ensure you benefit from maximum energy efficiency, safety, and comfort. What’s more, we promise that when we install a new system, you will have heat and hot water within 12 hours!

For your oil-fired heating system, consider upgrading to a new boiler or furnace every 15 years, as newer equipment can save you up to 30% on your operating costs.

Hot Water Boilers We Recommend: Buderus and Smith

Hot Air Furnaces We Recommend: Williamson, Thermopride, and Hallmark

Did you know we also install oil-fired hot water heaters, indirect hot water heaters, and home heating oil tanks? Contact us for a quote or to schedule your installation!